Madeleine O. (khroan) wrote in manamux,
Madeleine O.

Magic newsfile + idea

Magic Policy

Due to the rifts and the warping power of Mana, most memories of magic were removed from peoples' minds. Either all magic will be erased, or they will still have very basic spells and techs. Magic can be regained by getting them through TPs, granted by elements, or through experience. Summoning is a very unique kind of magic, and is restricted to only those deemed to be worthy enough to handle it.

Enchanted instruments can also be granted by staff, or roleplayed out somehow. Now - elemental coins. These are coins with magical properties of a certain element that can be used in weapons and armor, or in the case of Seiken Densetsu 3, can be used to attack with elemental magic. Elemental coins can be received by means of playing music for an elemental spirit and attempting to capture it.

Say if you wanted to capture Undine - you would have to page her if she is online and unidle and say 'I am going to play music, and there's a chance you might be attracted ICly', or something along the lines. So then she may come, your character will play music, and if she likes it ICly, then she will come forward and you can catch her. And - you get elemental coins! This is pretty much the only way that staff will interact in roleplay. They can, however, choose not to come or not to be attracted.
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