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Appable/Restricted Races

Fa'Diel is full of different races and people, but certain races are either restricted (meaning that only some are taken), or banned (there can be no applications for them at all). This is mostly because 1. the race is very rare, or 2. there is a big opportunity for twinks and Mary-Sues to latch onto these characters and garner attention by simply running around and being that race.

Appable Races: Humans, Sprites, Demi-Humans, Beastmen, Dwarves, and Penguins

Restricted Races: Jumi, sentient monsters/villians, Elves, Dragoons, Sirens, and Mermaids

Banned Races: Angels, Demons, OC Wisdoms, OC Dragons, and Anti-thematic races

Applying For a Character

Since the MUX is rather new, no applications will be taken for now. Instead, if anyone wants to recieve a character, they must contact the staff member of their chosen game via page, or @mail if they aren't online. But: first thing's first. They need to be invited to this MUX by a person who plays here.

First, page them with the name of the character you want - and, if it is an OC, the basic concept, as well as the name of the person who invited you in. Then, after that, you should write a good-sized sample pose. If it's sufficient, then the character will be approved. If not - you can make another attempt, but you can only attempt twice before you're not allowed to do it anymore.

Once there are enough people on this MUX, then applications will be required.

Player Policy

The most important part of a MU* is the playerbase. It's also important to make sure that players get along. After all, this is just a game - you're supposed to enjoy yourself and have fun roleplaying. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with each other, and fights start.

The best thing to do when someone is harassing you, or starting up drama, is to contact staff. Usually, staff will then talk to the person and try to sort things out. If things still don't improve, then a meeting will be held between the staff member, and the two parties. And if THAT doesn't work, well - it's just better to take a break from the MUX, or the person who is the root of the problems will be nuked.

That said, here are some guidelines:

1. Even if you don't like the person OOCly, you should still RP with them. No exceptions.

2. PLEASE try to seperate OOC from IC. If your character gets zinged by the other person's character ICly, then don't carry it over and hate them OOCly. That's just ridiculous.

3. Do not spread rumors and/or blatant lies behind peoples' backs.

4. If someone is doing something you find annoying, then first page them and ask them politely to stop. If they respond poorly, or you page them a few times and they don't stop, then ask a staff member to. WE'll be glad to help.

5. Don't be passive-aggressive and vent out your OOC peeves with someone ICly. i.e. having your sweet, good-natured priest character trip another character into a bottomless pit and then point and laugh. That's just tacky.


6. The Golden Rule: treat someone else as you would like to be treated.

Activity Policy

MFCs, being vital to the plot, can only be idle for around 10 days before they are nuked. FCs, meanwhile, can be idle for 20 days. OCs can be idle for 30 days or a month before they are nuked. This is to prevent the problem that leeches the life right out of many MU*s: inactivity. It is expected that a character be online for at least a few hours every week - more is better. Some of this time should be spent roleplaying.

It's pretty easy to remain active - just keep roleplaying with your character. Get involved in tinyplots. Don't hesitate to ask over the channels or through page that you'd like to scene with someone. Unfortunately, many of us do have busy lives, or unexpected things pop up. If this happens, and won't take more than a couple of months, then please post a vacation notice, and your character will be preserved. However, if you are on vacation more than a few months, the character will be made available for people who are capable of being active with the character.

General Apping Policy

We reserve the right to reject your character concept or request that it be applied for in the case that it may be a restricted concept. As staff, we are not obliged to approve your concept if we find something wrong with it. If staff asks you to change something, change it and don't take it personally. Dancing around and coming up with excuses and tacking on giant explanations is generally looked down upon.

Once apping is available:

It will usually take a day to a week for your app to be processed, depending on staff activity and the game that the app is for. If you submit an app, do not pester a staffer to look over it as soon as you send it in. Staffers are essentially volunteers and work on this game on their own time, so they will process the app as they see fit.

(written by Dryad)


The world of Fa'diel is one brimming with magic. The flow and rhythm of life is centered around the energies of the Mana Goddess, who resides in the Tree of Mana. Countless battles were fought over the energies of the tree back in the day, as the pure magical energy was highly sought after by many people. Many centuries ago, the tree was burnt down in a war and the Goddess's influence waned...the world settled into peace again, and the tree's essence was locked away in a sword made of pure Mana energy.

Nearly a thousand years later, the sword was rediscovered by an intrepid young hero. However, something was happening with the Mana energies - something malicious. The energies in the sword were conflicting with the energies of the region, threatening to tear a hole in the very fabric of the world. The hero wasn't aware of this, however, and the artifact was planted into the ground. The Mana Tree appeared before his eyes, floating in the sky and extending its bountiful branches...when somewhere in the back of the hero's head, the voice of the Mana Goddess was calling for help. An evil being known as the Dragon Emperor had invaded the realm of Fa'Diel, seeking to overtake the Mana Goddess in order to become a God himself.

In retaliation, a great rift was opened by the Goddess in a state of panic. However, shortly after this was done, the Dragon Emperor managed to seal her up, and as a result, the world itself was altered, and suddenly throngs of new people, artifacts, and villages started to pop up. The hero himself had completely forgotten nearly everything of what had happened - and even forgot most of his skills and abilities, and to an extent, his identity - and found himself laying on the path to his treeside home without a clue as to where he was or why he was there.

Chaotic energies were swirling throughout the world and monsters were starting to become abundant, actually straying from the caves and forests into villages and cities. Plunged into darkness, Fa'diel was a much more dangerous place now. With rumors of more evil forces coming into play, the heroes of Mana must band together and fight back to save the Mana Goddess, and return the tree to its rightful keeper.

(written by Dryad)

more suggestions welcome
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