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Races of SD3


Resemble humans, but they have the familiar pointed ears. They live deep in the Lampflower Forest, seperated from all other societies where they live in peace. They resent humans, as they had warred with them over the Mana Stone in the forest many years ago and had since then never forgave them. Dryad is the Elves' guardian spirit. Example: Carlie - although she is only half elf, an extremely rare occurance.


The typical - short, bearded, and wears horned helmets. They live underground in the Cleft of the Earth, and are fond of jewels and treasure. Dwarves are skilled at digging tunnels and forging weapons and armor. In fact, their goods are so well-made that they are highly sought after. Their guardian spirit is Gnome. Example: Watts.


Beastmen are humans with wolvish features, and at night they transform into werewolves with great strength. Their home is in the Beast Kingdom, located in the Moonlight Forest where the Moon Mana Stone keeps the forest in eternal night. If full-blooded Beastmen are exposed to the sun for too long, they start to go blind. Thus, they are mainly nocturnal. Their guardian spirit is Aura. Examples: Kevin, Lugar.
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